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58mm Portafilter Funnel

58mm Portafilter Funnel

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We spent a lot of time finding and testing the perfect portafilter funnel. We finally settled on this one after over a year of use due to the way it sits on the outside of the basket leaving no ring on the inside, how it is stable when using wdt and also due to how it fits almost flush with most baskets.

This portafilter funnel fits seamlessly onto most 58mm portafilters, reducing the mess and wasted coffee grounds that often occur during the grinding process.

Pairing perfectly with our WDT tool, this funnel sits on top of the portafilter basket, ensuring that you're not left with a ring around the portafilter basket and uneven puck density. 


  • Less mess when using WDT
  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • Black colour


  • 1x 58mm Portafilter Funnel
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