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Cafec Abaca Plus Filter Paper 100 pack

Cafec Abaca Plus Filter Paper 100 pack

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Cafec Abaca+ filter paper, made using the "Fine-Grained" method. The paper's surface area is increased by narrowing the distance between each crepe, resulting in an even water flow and uniform texture. This filter paper is of high quality, FSC certified, and sustainable as no wood is used in the manufacturing process. It is also compostable, full-biodegradable, and made in Japan.

The Abaca+ filter paper is the next-generation product, and it is 100% clean and eco-friendly, with no added bleach, glues, chemicals, or unnatural elements to the pulp.


  • Uniform and consistent
  • High flow rate
  • No taste/no rinse


  • 1x 100 Cafec Abaca Filter Paper

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